Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Thank You

Tomorrow, November 11, is Veterans Day. This is the day set aside to honor all the men and women who have served in war. These veterans are those who served, fought, sacrificed, and came back alive. These honorable men and women stood for freedom, for this country, for us. They braved unknown horror, and death, so that we may be free. So tomorrow, if you see a veteran, thank him! Because we owe them. We owe them our very lives. So be grateful, and let them know that they are appreciated.
Thank you John!

Monday, August 17, 2009

A post-Cold War World...

An article I read today displays just how ignorant President Obama is. Here is a link to the article: http://www.google.com/hostednews/ap/article/ALeqM5ivmFlotMyTRA3KyuWWaN9joQjHfAD9A4Q6RO0

"President Barack Obama took on both the defense establishment and freespending lawmakers on Monday, saying they were draining the nation's military budget with "exotic projects.""

Exotic projects? What does Obama consider an exotic project? Are planes an exotic project? How about submarines? Tanks? Guns? How about all that technology that's unmanning the front line? Is that considered exotic? Also, cutting "exotic projects" means that we are falling behind, and the other militaries of the world will become more technologically advanced making us antiquated and outdated. Which means when, and I do mean when not if, another war arises we will enter it completely unprepared, history records this very well- if you don't believe me, please read up on World War I and World War II.

"...he [Obama] also spoke harshly of a "defense establishment (that) has yet to fully adapt to the post-Cold War world."

A post-Cold War world.... interesting... Yes the "Cold War" era from the last century did end with the collapse of the Soviet Union. But lets look at what the term Cold War means, shall we?
Princeton defines a cold war as "a state of political hostility between countries using means short of armed warfare." So going by Princeton's definition, is the Cold War over? No, it is not. Granted the last 20 years or so have seen a reduction of tensions, but the pressure is rising. Relations between Russia and the U.S. are strained... Relations between China and the U.S. are strained, and North Korea has revoked the armistice that ended the fighting of the Korean War. Brief clarification: In 1953 the United States and North Korea signed an armistice that ended the fighting of the Korean War but did not end the war, a peace treaty was never signed, therefore we have technically been at war with North Korea for the last 50+ years, and now North Korea has revoked the armistice which means that the Korean War is now active again- whether or not people want acknowledge it.

So who were the tensions of the Cold War with? North Korea, Russia, and China. And who are the escalating tensions today with? North Korea, Russia and China. So is the Cold War really over?

"The president laid out a vision of a nimble, well-armed and multilingual fighting force of the future, not one that was built to fight land battles against the Soviets in Europe.
"Because in the 21st century, military strength will be measured not only by the weapons our troops carry, but by the languages they speak and the cultures they understand," the president said."

Military strength will be measured not only by the weapons our troops carry, but by the languages they speak and the cultures they understand.

What?! Languages they speak and cultures they understand. How the heck does that determine military strength? How on earth is that going to end hostilities? When an enemy is hell-bent on your destruction, being understanding of their culture will not save you. Military force will. Action will. Because "When diplomacy fails there's only one alternative...Force must be applied without apology"

I want our Military men and women fighting our wars, not a bunch of anthropologists!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

That darn Willie...

So we Memphians thought we had gotten rid of King Willie... He resigned and the special election to replace him is in October and it will cost 1.5 million dollars. All those who wish to run for mayor must file by September 13. And guess who has decided to run... Willie. Again. So in this economy, with our tight, over stretched city budget, he has now cost us an extra 1.5 million dollars. I'm hoping that those men in the little white jackets come for him soon....

Thursday, June 25, 2009

King Willie Abdicates

The unbelievable has happened. Willie Herenton announced today that he is resigning effective July 10. He said that he was resigning to pursue a seat in Congress, but according to other sources Willie is being investigated by the FBI, again, for the misuse of campaign funds, and an indictment is likely in July. Because he such a slimy slime ball, I highly doubt an indictment will be forthcoming, but I will keep this blog updated.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


I'm torn about this particular subject- I do believe that parents have the right to home school their children, and that in matters of home school the government should largely BUTT OUT. For me the issue comes from personal experience- I loved school, the whole experience. I can learn anywhere, but I particularly enjoyed the social aspects of school, and the long lasting relationships made with my peers, and especially those established with my teachers. Teachers make a long lasting impression on children, and the best teachers are those who guide, and encourage, and teach. I've had several excellent teachers, Mr. Cook- who drilled into my head diagramming sentences, and how an essay should be written, Mrs. Banks- who first taught me about the holocaust, the horrors people can do to each other, and encouraging further my love of history. Ms. Foster- my math teacher, through who's teaching I learned to love math, and forced me to take an extra year of math, making my college experience easier. And Coach Stephenson, who's AP European History class remains my all time favorite, and because of my experience in his class I decided to pursue my degree in history. It is because of these teachers that I am seriously considering teaching, and if I should decide to, I hope that I can be as good a teacher as they were. School also gave me the opportunity, early on, to stand up for my beliefs, and what was right- irregardless of the consequences.

However, all parts of school are not pleasant. I shall never forget the teacher who told me that I would never amount to anything, or the various school bullies. But until lately, I've not really been considering homeschooling as an option for any of my future children. Until my sister started homeschooling my nephews, I'd never met a home schooled child who was "normal" they were all slightly off. Last year, I had the opportunity to attend the home schooling conference with my sister, in San Antonio TX, since then I have been seriously considering the home school option. Because I learned that if the parent is aware and is active in expanding both child's mind and social experiences, that homeschooling will top anything that public or private school can offer.

I've been dwelling on this since I recently saw a school's summer reading list, on this list were books that my children will never read, full of content that glorifies "alternative" life styles, teen promiscuity, and liberal ideas. I also know that certain agendas are becoming more aggressively pushed in the public schools, and they are things that I do not want my children exposed to. So I'm seriously considering homeschooling, to the point that if I can home school, I probably will.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Political Correct History

In Sunday's Commercial Appeal (the local paper) there was an article about Nathan Bedford Forrest Park. In the opening paragraph it states: "Nathan Bedford Forrest monument in the Downtown park named for the Ku Klux Klan leader," and later "what the park would look like if, magically, Forrest disappeared," and the conclusion, "And in a space that has been home to just one story -- Forrest's -- it was fitting that on this day, he had no one there to speak for him.
He sat there mute, trapped as if in prison, as the future danced all around him."

FIRST OF ALL MS. THOMAS, Nathan Bedford Forrest was a great Confederate General, and Leader, and I know in your political correct, deluded sense of history he is displayed as a the devil's spawn, but in actuality he was a brilliant leader, a hero of the Civil War. But no, she labeled as "the Ku Klux Klan leader," reducing him to nothing more than a racist, demented bigot, as the politically correct version of history portrays him.

As for the second part, "what the park would look like if, magically, Forrest disappeared," seeing as the is the South, I seriously doubt he will disappear, and I will protest every time it is brought up by the City Council. I am not a racist, or bigot, BUT I WILL NOT STAND FOR LIBERALS BULLDOZING OVER HISTORY. HISTORY SHOULD NOT BE REWRITTEN. REWRITING HISTORY LEADS TO BIGOTRY, RACISM, AND IGNORANCE!!!! Furthermore, the monument is not just a monument, it is the site of Forrest's burial, and it is illegal, in this instance, to move interred remains.

As for Ms. Thomas's final sentence "... a space that has been home to just one story -- Forrest's -- it was fitting that on this day, he had no one there to speak for him.He sat there mute, trapped as if in prison, as the future danced all around him," THE EVENT WAS SECRET, SO OF COURSE THERE WAS NO ONE TO SPEAK FOR HIM! Furthermore, in the article of glowing praise for the program that celebrates the diversity of Memphis heritages there was one that wasn't represented-MINE!

Saturday, June 20, 2009

King Willie to de-throne?

Recently it was made public that "the Honorable Mayor of Memphis, Dr. Willie Herenton" (I had the fire extinguisher ready, for I was quite expecting the keyboard to catch fire at that statement), has is considering running for Congress against Steve Cohen, in TN's district 9.

King Willie, Congressman? There were tons complaints about it in the paper... but seriously, King Willie is a democrat, Cohen is a democrat, therefore it doesn't matter which is elected, because District 9 is a Democrat district. Democrat either way, so I don't care which of them is elected, because if district 9 elects a Republican, I'd expect that the Apocalypse is coming.

If King Willie is elected to Congress he WILL HAVE TO VACATE THE MAYORAL POSITION. This opens up, for the first time in almost 2 decades, the possibility that Memphis will get a decent Mayor who will work to put it back other the map for something other than crime, and scandal.