Sunday, August 3, 2014

Lego Movie

What were the writers on? Seriously. This is the stupidest movie I have seen in a long time. I want that hour and forty minutes of my life back. Bad dialog, a mash up of other better movies, and very little plot. Seriously the thing that made Emmet special was that his mind was so incredibly blank, and lets face it--he was a complete moron. This movie an hour and forty minutes of stupidity and innuendos. The fact that some of the people in my family love this movie makes me wonder about them. If you have to mention that "everything is awesome" it most certainly is not!

My View on Videogames

I have very little experience with videogames and MUVEs, unless Farmtown counts. I prefer books and people to screens and controllers. While I concede that there are some benefits to computer and videogames, I believe that they are unnecessary. Videogames lack in so many ways, they are completely limited by the programing. I believe that they don't encourage creativity, critical thinking skills, or social skills.

Virtual environments can connect users across the globe, but also have limitations. With the rise of texting, Facebook, Twitter and online communities the art of communication is being lost. Without voice tone, body language and social cues, electronic communication lacks connection and emotion. While some people and libraries believe that virtual environments are handy, and have presence in MUVEs, I do not believe that virtual environments are necessary for libraries. For communicating with librarians I believe that e-mail, and chat rooms go far enough, but if it isn't enough contact visitors can always visit their local library.

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The place of "Social" Media in our Libraries.

I joined Facebook in 2007. It was all the rage, everyone did everything on Facebook. Fast forward 10 years and I use my Facebook profile to log in to everything. I really liked Facebook, it was cool it was a way to keep in touch with friends that had spread all across the country; however these days it's all game postings, people I have very little in common with anymore, and my biggest pet peeve: factually incorrect chain letters/pictures. These days I use Facebook for one reason: to keep up with my two siblings that live far away and their children.

Twitter is still like. I love that I can follow authors, actors, athletes, t.v. shows, the British Royal Family. I can also follow my library, the zoo and local businesses. The biggest draw of twitter to me is that I choose who to follow, no one else can make that decision for me.

Facebook and Twitter both have a place in today's library. They represent cheap marketing strategies. It's easier to keep your patrons informed of library happenings, it makes it easier to attract interest. Twitter could easily be used to ask librarians reference questions. Facebook can be used to post in more detail about the library and library programing.