Thursday, January 21, 2010

Censorship and Ethnocentric Views

Apparently France is considering a ban on all burqas, and there are some in this nation who believe we should do the same. Here is the link to an article on Politics Daily, by a liberal, who believes that we should do the same : France's Proposed Burqa Ban: Why Americans Might Want to Consider It Too -- Politics Daily.

My comment was not approved to be added in the comments section, so I will post it here:

The burqa for many is a sign of subservience, of oppressiveness, of second class citizenry, but the burqa, head coverings, and scarves are all aspects of these women's cultural heritage. The idea to ban the burqa is entirely ethnocentric! You are judging another culture by your own morals and standards and are condemning it as barbaric. This is WRONG! Ethnocentric views have led to countless atrocities through out history! The author states that it feels to her as if they are holding American women back, and that when she sees women wearing these items she takes it as an affront. She is judging them for exercising their rights! The idea that a veil or burqa could hold American women back is completely ridiculous! In America these women CHOOSE to practice their CULTURE by wearing their burqas or veils. It is their right to do so! Does every woman willingly wear a burqa- probably not, but for those who do--it is their right. The idea that we should ban or censor what people can wear is terrifying! Censorship is a slippery slope, that leads to infringements on our most basic rights. Just because it makes people uncomfortable is not a reason to ban the burqa. I wear a cross, a symbol of my religion and culture, I have views and opinions that make people uncomfortable, I will not be censored, and I will not tolerate, or support the censorship of others or their culture.

Now more on the subject:
Ethnocentric views are very very dangerous! Hitler was ethnocentric! The jihad is an ethnocentric war!

As for censorship- It is a dangerous tool, because it limits our ability to think for ourselves.