Monday, April 24, 2017

Week 13 Prompt

Though this week's group of "genres" (Young Adult, New Adults and Graphic Novels) all seem very different, they all have in common the fact that many people don't feel that they are legitimate literary choices and libraries shouldn't be spending money on them or promoting them to adults. The common belief is that adults still don't or shouldn't read that stuff. How can we as librarians, work to ensure that we are able to serve adults who enjoy YA literature or graphic novels? Or should we? I can't wait to read your thoughts on this. Thanks!

While “the common belief is that adults still don't or shouldn't read that stuff,” that’s not the policy at our library system. Spending money on buying books hasn’t been an issue, and no one department does the ordering, genres are split among different departments and branches. Now “New Adult” and “Young Adult” and graphic novels might be shelved in Young Adult sections but that doesn’t mean they aren’t for everyone.

As far as advertising, I’ve never seen a reason to advertise books. We have book displays, and new book sections, but I don’t believe advertising is really something libraries should focus on, advocating reading banned books is different than advertising a particular book. Advertising a book and then not having it in stock is super frustrating for staff and patrons. If we want to further serve those who might be offended by having to find the latest trending book in the “teen” or “young adult” sections then finding a new name for the section could solve your problems. 

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